Griffin McElroy is 22 years old, unless he goes a while without updating this biographical info, in which case he is probably a little bit older.

He graduated from Marshall University with a B.A. Baracus in Broadcast Journalism. Now he writes about video games for Joystiq. Ideally, he would be in his mid-thirties when he acquired such a job — there’s very little upward mobility when you’re fulfilling the career goal you’ve possessed since childhood. There’s a slim chance he’ll respec around forty or so. The chef talent tree looks pretty appealing.

He started this blog to commit things like the previous sentence to paper (or rather, zeroes and ones) without causing anyone to cringe except those who visit this domain — a contingency he imagines will be very slim indeed.


One response to “About

  1. I feel like a stalker… I’m the only one I know that comments on a Bio.

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